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What is Pounds Till Payday Website?

Hello and welcome to our website! Pounds Till Payday is the ultimate tool for getting the money you want, when you want it!

Simply, Pounds Till Payday is a portal that connects you to the best lenders in the United Kingdom in a flash. Pounds Till Payday service is totally free and it is meant to shorten your time when in search for a payday loan, cash advance or short term loan. Created in your advantage, Pounds Till Payday is not a lender, but a very helpful tool of searching short term financial solutions online, in minutes, for free. Basically, through Pounds Till Payday you are directly in contact with an entire database of lenders in UK.

This will save you time, stress and even money, as you will be matched with the lender that accepts your conditions and financial needs in literally minutes.

Right from your computer or smart phone, the searching process is simpler than you imagine:

1. Go to the Apply Now section and carefully complete the form;
2. Submit the form and wait until the system finds the best solution for you;
3. Get notified about the approval of your application and get in touch with the official lender that accepted it;
4. Get the money you want as fast as possible ( usually in a few hours).

General conditions to apply for a loan:

a) At least 18 years of age;
b) Citizen of United Kingdom;
c) Have a job in the UK.

!Note: Completing the form in the Apply Now section, is free of charge and will not force you to take any loan.

....And that is it, because from the moment you've applied for an online loan, Pounds Till Payday will send your application in minutes to a vast number of lenders, increasing your chances of success, exponentially.

No fuss, no stress, no trouble! Simple and effective, in fact, that simple that thousands of people choose this free service in the United Kingdom, every day!

Why should you choose Pounds Till Payday?

Because Pounds Till Payday represents the complete online solution for fast financial needs:

Get in touch with a vast majority of official and legal lender in the United Kingdom after you application is submitted

The service is free of charge
Save days if not weeks searching for solutions
Very simple to use, available onine 24/7
You can apply for a payday loan or cash advance for any reason, we will not ask why. Never.
Usually, no credit checks are used.

How Much Money Can You Get And What To Use It For

As you probably know, a payday loan or cash advance is a short term solution for immediate needs.

The reason you need money, it's your own and you will not be asked about the purpose of your loan, but people do apply for different reasons whatsoever: holidays, emergencies, car repair, late bills, late debts, shopping sessions and so on. So, no matter what you use the money for, the application process is the same and the terms remain unchanged.

Through Pounds Till Payday you can apply for any sum between E100 and E1000. As we do not guarantee that your application will be approved, or you will get the exact money you want, we have a very high rate of acceptance. As Pounds Till Payday is a very helpful tool to find money fast, but not a lender, we cannot take any credit decisions, but we can match you with the best possible lenders in the United Kingdom

How To Know What Are The Rates and Payment

As we've told you in the first part, everything is made very simple and transparent. You won’t find any hidden fees or other malicious practices.

After you application is submitted you will be notified by email about the lender who accepted your application. The agreement, terms and conditions between you and the lender are confidential and will be send to you for verification, by email. In order to calculate the rates, please see below the online calculator, a simple tool that will show you exactly what you pay for the loan you take.

How Can I Apply and What Happens After?

Applying for a fast financial solution, also known as a payday loan or cash advance through Pounds Till Payday, has never been simpler!

You just need to carefully complete all the lines in the Apply Now form, click submit and wait until the system will match your application with a lender. You must know that by completing the application you are not forced in any way to take any loan. After you application is approved by a lender, you will be contacted via email or phone for details and agreement. If everything is ok, you will get the money you want in a few hours.

Forget about staying in line, waiting for days or even weeks, Pounds Till Payday offers the best online solution for your needs.

What Are the Risks of Applying For a Payday Loan Through Pounds Till Payday?

There a literally no risk when using our free service. Pounds Till Payday or a member of our team won't even see your info's because of the SSL (secure socket layer) server. After completing the application, your form will be send to a vast majority of legal lenders, each and every of them using secured servers.

So your data is safe and sound, all the way!

RepresentativeAPR 2120%(variable)
Example on a loan of £200 for 30 days:
Amount payable - £258
Interest - £58
Interest rate - 352.8% p.a.
Amount you Borrow — £
Amount you pay* £
Representative APR 2120% (Variable)

* Repaid on your next payday